Career Counselling

New career paths

The traditional paths of career are always there. In the current times; many new career options have developed. Many people are just not aware of them. Even if they are aware, people are not confident of pursuing them. Yet, many of these new career streams are very promising. It is the duty of the counsellors to show them the light. These people can show the ways to pursue these new paths and the opportunities that lie across for them. Normally most of the general people are afraid to tread new paths.
The times have changed. New opportunities are created with further advancement in technology.

Career Guidance

It is very important to seek professional career guidance. Just at the stage when you have to take vital decisions, you must go to a professional career counsellor. They can show you the right career path. Rehoboth Recruiters is such an agency that renders professional career counselings as well apart from Recruitment and training.

Why is Rehoboth Recruiters good at Career Counselling?

Career counselling may sound like a simple task or job to perform, but the reality is quite different. In fact, several people may argue that they are the best career counsellor for their family because of their wisdom and experience. However, the truth is quite different. It is true that Career counselling needs to be based on the talent and abilities of an individual, however, there are several other real world factors that need to be taken into consideration along with the current trends. Hence, our career counsellor who are well abreast with the current affairs and trends are in the best position to dispense advice.


The benefits of Career Counselling are many as mentioned here:

  • Get a better understanding of where your strengths lie.
  • Bring to surface your natural talent.
  • Help match your skills and talent with a set of roles that you are suited for.
  • Helps you pick and eliminate career options based on your personal preference, objectives or limitations.
  • Prevent getting stuck in a frustrating job.
  • It prevents failure in careers.
  • Great to go ahead in career and move ahead in life.

Rachael – Career Counsellor

RachelRachael is in charge of career coaching and counseling at Rehoboth Recruiters. A valuable aspect of our business at Rehoboth Recruiters.

She has over two decades of experience in Human Resources Management in the Retail, Hospitality and Banking/Finance sectors. Rachael has built expertise in strategic planning, recruitment, resourcing, talent management, career development, change, and project management with a track record of outstanding leadership and mentoring.

With a wealth of experience working as Recruitment Consultant in Uk and Australia, she is well positioned to offer the right guidance and realistic know-how in your career growth/pathway.

Rachael has a certificate in First Line Management and a certificate in human resources management from TAFE (City-Adelaide)

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