6 Team Building Ideas for Great Staff Engagement & Positive TeamWork

Great companies regularly organize company retreat or team building activities as part of staff engagement program. We outline six great team building ideas that don’t cost a fortune to execute.

Team building ideas like the activities below, not only bond employees closer but also motivate them, creating a positive workplace environment. These activities help improve internal communication and productivity, boosting morale at the workplace and in helping employees get to know each other better.

Here are six team building ideas that could be used as part of your staff engagement program.


Say ‘Hello’ to the new people in the company by getting employee participation with ice breakers during monthly meetings. Ice breakers can be an effective way of starting a training session, team building event or a new work week.

Get employees involved in sharing a small achievement – work or personal – to the rest of the team for them to get to know their co-workers better. Do not forget to congratulate them on their new achievements.

Problem Solving

Finding the right problem-solving activities can be quite challenging as some activities could either make or break the employee. A lot of the problem-solving activities will set apart the weak links and strong team players.

Organize a simple half- or one-day workshop which involves tasks like ‘Worst-case Scenario’; fabricating a scenario in which your staff need to work together and solve problems to succeed.

Outdoor activities

Face it; nobody likes to be indoors all the time. There are plenty of team building activities that involve being close to nature. Activities like paintball, wall climbing and even sports events like soccer and rugby not only encourage staff to work as a team but it is also a good encouragement to a healthy lifestyle.

There are also events like marathons or shorter charity runs or cycling which companies can get their more motivated employees involved in.

Reach out to society

Team bonding does not have to be all about the company itself. There are positive outcomes for both the employee and the company when it comes to volunteering as it is reaching out to the community. Companies can encourage volunteering and take part in charitable events; this can help with the credentials of the company as well as an individual employee.

Volunteering for a cause many are passionate about, often brings employees closer on a personal level.

Just for laughs

Staff engagement and work does not have to be serious all the time. There are some board games that involve teamwork beneath the giggles and laughter.

Try looking into games like Charades or Pictionary or games that the majority of your employees have not participated in years, and combine this with other corporate team building ideas. Board games generally encourage everyone to loosen up and work as a team.

Social gatherings

Not all team building ideas involve tedious work of event organization and planning. Simple fortnightly barbecue sessions or weekly ‘happy hour’ events offer some light at the end of the tunnel after a demanding work week or deadline. It may sound uninspiring but it can do wonders for staff engagement, cohesiveness, and camaraderie.

These gatherings not only bond the team on a personal level, but it also creates a light-hearted atmosphere for a lasting relationship out of the workplace.