4 Ways Job Seekers Can Get Jobs In A Tough Economy

In a tough economy, taking extraordinary steps in your job search could be critical to landing the position you want. Here are some proven tips that are often overlooked by the average job-seeker. And in today’s market, being perceived as average isn’t a compliment.

1. Focus on the growing industries
Some industries are hit hard during a tough economy, which means that jobs will be hardly available in the sector and people will be laid off left, right and center. The same applies to companies that are not exactly stable or are having a hard time staying relevant.

For this reason, it is important that you do your research well. In a tough time where almost all companies are not looking to hire or are seeking to hire interns (to save on money), you can look towards startup companies that look promising. Consult a professional if you must.

2. Take up temporary jobs
Again, as mentioned above, companies will hardly be looking to hire in most jobs during a bad economy and those looking to hire will be very choosy in their selection process. To counter this, as a job seeker you cannot afford to be picky. Even if you are looking for a permanent opportunity, do not say no to a temporary job.

And by temporary, it could be an internship position that you are overqualified for or a job offered on a contract basis. If the position will add to your expertise and propel you to a better position in the future, go for it.

3. Be more careful with details than ever
Perminus Wainaina, Corporate Staffing Services CEO mentions that some employers have currently put recruitment on hold to facilitate for saving on costs. This means that employees will be doing more work and the unemployed will have a hard time getting jobs.

It also means that when the need for extra persons arises, employers and recruiters will be beyond strict in specifications. For this reason, you cannot afford to make simple mistakes in your job applications or interviews.

4. Network than ever before
Especially with the holidays coming up, this is the best time to get in touch with your networks as you form new ones. Talk to your friends and relatives, meet people and indulge them about how you are currently looking for a job, talk to those relatives you consider proud during gatherings and attend more networking events.

Networking is the most effective methods of job searching; capitalize on it during these tough economic times.

And in the midst of all this, remember to stay positive.

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